Parental Support

We help support parents in a variety of ways.  When you first contact us, we may ask you to come in so a member of our staff team can explain how we can help. BAS has many years of experiencein  supporting families and, if we can't help, we will know someone who can. .  The ways we can help include:

  • Helping understand autism, including Early Bird, Cygnet and our own in-house developed training
  • Explaining your rights and what you may be entitled to in terms of 'statutory' support (e.g. help at school, benefits, respite, EHCP and Social Services)
  • Supporting you with school issues or other areas of concern.
  • Introducing you to other parents
  • Behavioural support.

Unlike most statutory providers, we can help whether you have a diagnosis or not.  We can also help support you through the diagnosis process.