The Staff Team

Our services are delivered by a growing team of staff – each of which has their own area of responsibility.

Nicola Pickles is one of our Project Managers.  Nicola looks after our finances and monitoring. She is also responsible for publicity and promotion which includes our Facebook page and newsletter. Nicola also supports parents and carers by delivering training in autism, developing and delivering workshops, providing help with behavioural issues and also helping parents and carers with school issues. If you would like to talk to Nicola about how she can help you, you can contact her on 01274 721932 0r email 

David Riley is our other Project Manager and he takes care of benefit issues and also offers parent/carer support. Like Nicola, David offers support in behavioural issues, school issues and delivers training to parents/carers as well as delivering various workshops. He also delivers training to practitioners and if you are interested in knowing more about our practitioner training, or would like to talk to David about any issues or concerns you may have, you can contact him on 01274 721932, Mobile : 07518055917. Email is