About Us

Bradford Autism Support is a registered charity, set up to help families with children on the autistic spectrum.

We started off in 1989 as the Bradford And District Autistic Support Group as a group of parents who wanted to see more provision for children on the autistic spectrum in Bradford. In 2011 we changed our name to Bradford Autism Support (BAS). Over the years, it became obvious that support for families of children with autism goes beyond activities for children. Parents/carers struggle with accessing benefits they may be entitled to, there are behavioural issues, parents/carers have often said they feel isolated, they have school issues and those whose children are undergoing a diagnosis can't access training to help them support the needs of their children.   We have listened to our parents/carers  concerns and have shaped our service to meet the needs that have been highlighted. We offer the following services:

1) Support groups

2) help with accessing benefits

3) Training for parents/carers whose child is going through an autism assessment or who have autistic traits but no definitive diagnosis.

4) Behavioural strategies.

5 )Asian Mothers support group.

6) Support with school issues.

7) Workshops in various area such as Mindfulness, confidence in meetings and being aware of your rights.

8) Signposting to other agencies or organisations that may be of help.

9) Training for practitioners.

10) Volunteer opportunities in Family Support, Behavioural Support, Committee Membership, Reception work etc.

11) Autism Awareness talks to interested parties such as organisations, school pupils etc.

We will talk in more detail about these services on the following pages. If there is anything we have not mentioned that may be of concern to you, please contact us as I am sure we will be able to help.